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Our Mission:

Peter Igo Park

About Peter Igo Park

Peter Igo Park, with its seventeen acres abutting the Green Harbor River and in close proximity to the Brant Rock Esplanade, was built over four decades ago in what is now a high-density population area of Marshfield. As a result of neglect, the facility had slowly deteriorated while becoming a magnet for trash disposal and unwanted activities. An renovation of this valuable property transformed a neighborhood eyesore into a vibrant, attractive park in which the entire Town could proudly enjoy. 


Our Mission

The Friends of Peter Igo Park, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2008 to champion the renovation of the Park and promote the Park as multi-sports fitness area for all ages. The original vision was to build new tennis courts, including 10 and under tennis courts, a full size basketball court, a multiple use sports area, a play area, and a picnic grove.


Our Impact

Under the guidance of the Friends of Peter Igo Park (FOPIP), numerous actions have already been undertaken to launch an upgrade of the park. Several fundraisers have been held and donations have been received, both monetary and as “services in kind” to assist in these initial steps. Wetland areas and setbacks were noted and staked, with assistance from Jay Wennemer, conservation agent and John Zimmer, a wetland scientist. Grady Consulting of Kingston generated a professional site plan.



Thousand Dollars Raised

Thanks to contributions from the Marshfield CPC, grants from the USTA, and numerous donations.



Years Serving the community

Friends of Peter Igo Park have been  raising awareness for the park's restoration and maintenance.



Thousand residents Impacted

The residents of Marshfield and surrounding communities are the beneficiaries.

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