Peter Igo Park

Get on Board!

Site dedicated to the renovation of Peter Igo Park which is located in Brant Rock, Massachusetts.  The Peter Igo Park Initiative (PIPI) is spearheaded by volunteers from the Marshfield Tennis Club.



A thirty-nine page engineering specification was generated by USTA technical staff, utilizing industry standards. In the past year, volunteers cleared household goods, metal and other trash from the Southeast quadrant. With approval from the town, trees and brush in the SE quadrant were thinned allowing better visibility into the park, opening space for some picnic facilities and as importantly, allowing monitoring of unwanted activities easier. The river path has been maintained; a permit application for a small float was submitted to enable easier water access. Peter Igo Park Initiative (PIPI), supported by Marshfield Tennis Club (MTC) and other community members, continues to grow its volunteer base. Town support for this proposal to renovate Peter Igo Park has the backing of John Hall, chairman, and the Marshfield Board of Selectmen, the Marshfield Department of Public Works, the Marshfield Recreation Commission, Peter Dowd of the ADA Committee, the Marshfield Planning Board, Marshfield Kiwanis Club, Police Chief Phil Tavares, Senator Robert Hedlund, Representative Jim Cantwell, Bob Carroll of the South Shore YMCA, and the Marshfield Hardwood Club. Abutters have come forward to express their support.