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Site dedicated to the renovation of Peter Igo Park which is located in Brant Rock, Massachusetts.  The Peter Igo Park Initiative (PIPI) is spearheaded by volunteers from the Marshfield Tennis Club.

Commish’s Corner - June 20th Recap

Week Four

Under a steel-gray sky, with the threat of rain, week four of the Peter Igo Park bocce league went off without a hitch. We had two forfeits, which was unfortunate, but the teams that showed up dueled fiercely to the end – not one of the games was a blowout. The spectators that have shown up in increasing numbers can’t figure out if it is a bocce league or “Rat Pack Karaoke Night.” Nonetheless, everybody knows all the words to all the songs and there is a lot of singing and smiling going on. As Commish, my motto here is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

In addition, if you are a sub and don’t get the call, come on down anyway – you might get a game.


SUNSHINE 1, CURTO CREW 0 – Curto showed up with almost a full squad – Alisa, Kristie, Eileen and Katie, but were no match for the dynamic duo of Chris and Maureen Carbone, as Sunshine prevailed, even on a cloudy night. Along with OBCC, Sunshine stands at the top of the standings in the Venezia Division with a 2-0 record.

MONA LISAS 1, SAUCY BALLS 0 – I guess Paul and Dave either didn’t get the memo or forgot to call subs, but they forfeited their match to Mona (Kennelly) and Lisa (Lacasse). And you thought they named their team because of their classic, DaVinci-esque looks!!! Not Just!!! This evens up Mona Lisas’ record at 1-1 in the Roma division as Saucy Balls continues to seek its first victory.

OBBC 1, HOLY ROLLERS 0 – Both squads had full attendance going into the game and it was A DOOZIE. The Rollers added a new player, Mike DaPonte, and gave OBBC all they could handle, but the Ocean Bluffers squeaked out a narrow victory. Key to keeping it close was Catherine Rein, who, in her long black altar server cassock and flowing white scarf, kept the other three hapless individuals in the game. Fr. Carmichael was heard to say after the match, “This time, I lost with dignity.” And I hasten to note Paul Kenneally was #1 star for OBBC (I think it was written in his handwriting on the score sheet!!!)

LOONEY-GIORDANI 1, BOCCE BUDIES 0 – In another forfeit, The L-Gs took home the win, their first in the Venezia division. In an exhibition match v. Commish and teammate Artie Colucci, the real competitor came to the fore –Diane Looney!!! Throwing killer leanies and blocks, she showed her husband Peter and Dave Giordani who the real boss is!!! Look for great things from that team in the future.

League Standings To Date (7/17)

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.22.05 AM.png