Peter Igo Park

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Site dedicated to the renovation of Peter Igo Park which is located in Brant Rock, Massachusetts.  The Peter Igo Park Initiative (PIPI) is spearheaded by volunteers from the Marshfield Tennis Club.

Commish’s Corner - June 6th Recap

Week two of the Peter Igo Park Bocce League went off without a hitch on a beautiful, slightly chilly Thursday night. We seem to be getting more and more spectators, because people around here are infatuated with all things Italian, and they think that the ghost of Frank Sinatra might just appear to sing a few tunes with the speaker.


SUNSHINE 1, HOLY ROLLERS 0 – Try as they might, the team of Father Jack Carmichael, and Catherine and Casey Rein were no match for the sunshine duo of Maureen and Chris Carbone. Amidst a shroud of controversy, there was some confusion about scoring and how it works, and Fr. Carmichael was claiming the Rollers were robbed of a victory. He even mentioned it in mass more than once. A blue Ribbon Committee has been assembled to investigate – the findings are expected to be released some time between January and April, 2023.

BIG LA BOCCE 1, CURTO CREW 1 – A monster battle of epic proportions, The Big La Bocce showed up with a full squad and dueled to a 1-1 tie with the Curto Crew. LaBocce had the best spectator contingent, and Nick “Shinny” Thomas was awarded the Grizzly Adams trophy for the best beard on the South Shore.

OBBC 1, PIRATES 0 – The Kellihers and Kenneallys battled a with full squad to take down Jimmy Murphy and the Pirates – but Jimmy Murphy bought a set of Bocce Balls and he swears he is going to practice on the beach at low tide – WATCH OUT!!!

TEAM CHAOS 1, DOLCE VITA 0 – The sub team of Don and Emily Dudley subbed for Dolce Vita and try as they might, couldn’t handle the duo of Cheryl and Tracey Morrison, falling by a single game. A great time was had by all.


In times of inclement weather it is the responsibility of the individual teams to schedule and play a make-up match at another time. It looks like we have weather coming in on Thursday, so if you are scheduled to play and don’t get it done, please (team captains) arrange with the other team to make the game up at some other time, another night or on the weekend, and email me the score.

League Standings To Date 

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