Peter Igo Park

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Site dedicated to the renovation of Peter Igo Park which is located in Brant Rock, Massachusetts.  The Peter Igo Park Initiative (PIPI) is spearheaded by volunteers from the Marshfield Tennis Club.

Commish’s Corner - Championship Recap

Hello my bocce friends –

First and foremost, congratulations to Chris and Maureen Carbone, AKA Sunshine, who are the champions of the Peter Igo Park Bocce League for 2019. Last night at the park, we had a divisional playoff for the Venezia Division between Sunshine and the Fearsome Foursome, with the winner to play the Linguini Conspiracy, winners of the Roma Division.

In Game one, the two squads were locked up in a tight one, with the “win by two” rule coming in to play. Suinshine simply outlasted the Foursome and won 21-19.

Riding that momentum, Sunshine completely and totally eviscerated the LC, beating them 16-4. Perfect pallinis and devastating kill-shots abounded, and they even had a two-point “kisser.” Linguini Conspiracy’s first mistake was showing up. So, we are making Sunshine change their name next year to the “Baby-Faced Assassins.”

Final League Standings

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.31.40 AM.png